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Simon Hill - London Funky Tribal House Nightclub DJ

Hi there and welcome to my official web site! It's been a project I've been meaning to get off the ground for ages and I'm delighted I've finally got around to doing it. 2007 was a pretty hectic year what with trying to balance my weekly residencies and flying off to Gran Canaria in Jan, then later in May to play at the brand new HEAVEN night club over there which I really enjoyed, and 2008 looks set to be even busier!

The response to my sets has been fantastic and the support people have showed me recently has really made a difference in my general outlook.

This year has also seen a venture into production, with the highly successful funky house mix of Johan's 'You Give Good Love' released during the summer.  I am now working with Alan X with the intention of releasing a fresh and funky sound to a track I started last year called 'This Garden' which should be available in record shops very shortly. Click here to audition a demo of the track.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Thank you for all your support once again and hope you enjoy the site,

Lots of love,


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